An image of an American Oystercatcher on the beach with the words NYC Queer Birders: We love being queer and watching birds. All bird lovers welcome, regardless of experience. Join us for monthly bird walks around NYC

About NYC Queer Birders

NYC Queer Birders started in February 2020 as a way to cultivate community and explore the natural world of New York City with LGBTQA+ bird-lovers. Queer Birders typically hosts birding events on a monthly basis in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens. If you love birds, meeting new people, and spending afternoons outside in a queer-friendly setting, we would love to have you join us! We welcome all bird enthusiasts, regardless of experience.

Find out more about our past and upcoming events on Instagram @queerbirders and on Facebook at NYC Queer Birders!

Birding at Coney Island, Brooklyn - January 2020
Birding in Green-wood Cemetery - October 2020
Birding at Marine Park Salt Marsh, Brooklyn - January 2021
Birding at Marine Park Salt Marsh, Brooklyn - January 2021
Birding at Oakland Lake, Queens - February 2021
Birding in Central Park during the Let's Go Birding Together Pride Walk, Manhattan - July 2021
Birders at the Queer Birders Bat Walk in Prospect Park, Brooklyn - July 2021
Birding in Prospect Park in the summertime - June 2021